Aquarium – Free Presets For Vital

This is a community pack made by members of the Jazen Sounds Discord server. If you want to learn about sound design or participate in future packs or contests, feel free to join:

“The goal is to create an underwater theme using only Vital with no samples or post fx. You can layout things in your DAW as you like, however only Vital is allowed (no audio clips or other plugins of any kind, you are allowed to use any of the built in noises from Vital’s sampler). The final submission will need to be under 60 seconds and can include as many instances of Vital as you want.”

What’s Included

54 Presets for Vital

This pack includes presets by:

  • Milisonics (Winner)
  • lev!
  • Max F
  • RK
  • Wy
  • Leipe Leo
  • Musinous
  • Daniel J Golden


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