Licensing Information

All audio files available for download via the Free Sounds Website ( are royalty-free for personal and commercial projects.


You may use the audio files downloaded from in any number of personal and commercial projects for yourself or a client.

You may modify audio files according to your requirements and use them for projects like game development, YouTube videos, composition, music production, podcasts, sound design, and more.


You do not have the right to sell or redistribute (even for free) the audio files downloaded from on their own or as a separate attachment from any of your work.

Also, the sounds available on may not be used to create “noise apps,” “white noise apps,” “sleep sound apps,” and similar software.


Giving credit to or the individual sound library creator is not obligatory. All provided sounds are royalty-free.

If you desire, you can mention in your project’s description. You can also link back to the source page on Thank you.

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