Beatbox Sample Pack

Romo worked on this sample pack for 2 years, recording for many months, and carefully selecting the most interesting and creative vocal sounds, sometimes manipulating their voice using tools such as a harmonizer, vocoder, also exploring new and creative vocal techniques trying to push things forward!

What’s included in this free sample pack:

  •  700+ MB of creative Beatbox loops and one-shots
  •  585 files in total (410 loops, 145 one-shots, and 30 MIDI files)
  •  3 Demos
  •  MIDI Melodies & Chords
  •  Drum loops, Percussions, Human Bass, Guitars, Human Mono and Poly Synths, Vocoder beats, Scat vocal loops, Human scratches
  •  Multi-Genre sample pack: Hip-Hop, House, Techno, Drum and Bass & more (Ranging from 92 to 175 BPM)


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