Black Lotus Audio Designer Wavetables

25 Free Wavetables For Serum & Vital.

When making sounds from scratch, it’s undeniable that starting with the right wavetable makes things way easier.

For example, imagine trying to make a supersaw lead with sine waves.

The results would be a bit disappointing!

That’s because every wavetable has its own unique harmonics, timbre, and character, so you HAVE to start with the right waveform.

This was the inspiration behind Designer: We wanted to provide music producers with a solid set of free wavetables that would be a starting point for making custom sounds.

We tailor-made these free Serum wavetables for bass music producers who want to start making incredible sounds of their own.

So whether you make tearout, brostep, or melodic dubstep, we’re confident you’re going to love this pack.

These wavetables are inspired by artists like Virtual Riot and Kompany, so you’ll have everything you need to begin making powerful sounds of your own.

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