Cinematic Synths For Serum By Tunecraft

Expect to find 85 meticulously designed presets for Serum including clear synth sounds to complete filth basses, crushing impacts and drums, massive bursting risers, atmosheric pads, deep ethereal drones, hybrid organic textures, groundbreaking FXs and Braams, complex rythmic sequences and more…

All inspired by numerous soundtracks from well-known composers and sound designers like Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Howard Shore, Ramin Djawadi…

Each preset comes with macros assigned, and combines cutting edge sound design techniques, custom wavetables and noises, rich and detailed modulations and ultra high-quality sound.

They’re also great for educational purposes if you want to learn advanced synthesis and sound design techniques to create your very own sounds while getting the most out of Serum.

Check out the demo and judge for yourself: It’s straight out of Serum with only very few processing.

*Requires Serum 1.286 or higher


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