DMPAuthority Zephyr – Free Whoosh SFX

What is a “whoosh” you might ask? Well, simply the sound made when something moves quickly through the air. “Whooshes” have become an integral part of film and and gaming FX. Whether it’s a slick transition, fly-by over a mountain peak, or the swinging of a Battle Orc’s 10ft Soul-eater Battle Axe, this pack delivers.

Do we need a sample pack of 240 “whooshes”? No, but we sure want them.

Whilst any music producer is sure to find value somewhere in these “whooshes”, this sample pack is intentionally geared towards the creative video / film producer, editor, and filmographer, as well as the gaming industry. As the genre of modern cinematic film and indie video game development continues to explode so does the need for production resources to set yourself apart from the rest.

Here’s to never needing to search the internet for a “whoosh” ever again.

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