Free Acid Samples

Join Rewired Records in celebrating the imminent arrival of the cutting-edge VST, Nitrus, by diving into an exclusive sample giveaway that’s bound to ignite your music production journey. They are thrilled to present you with 30 meticulously recorded samples straight from the heart of Nitrus.

Inside this sonic treasure trove, you’ll discover a diverse selection of 15 mesmerizing Acid samples, each with the power to infuse your tracks with that iconic, hypnotic vibe. Plus, there’s more! There are also 15 captivating Bass samples that promise to deliver that spine-tingling low-end energy your music craves.

Don’t miss your chance to get a taste of Nitrus’s sonic potential with this extraordinary sample collection. These free samples are the perfect preview of what’s to come with this groundbreaking VST. Get ready to transform your music with these captivating sounds, and stay tuned for the grand release of Nitrus – a game-changer in your music production arsenal!

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