Free Acoustic Drum Kit By DrumThrash

Extend your DrumThrash sample library with this free natural-sounding acoustic drum set. Our standalone drum software comes with a comprehensive free drum kit already included. These are the full, unreleased drum samples giving you the freedom to shape and edit the sounds to suit your creative vision.

This drum kit is capable of producing subtle, articulate beats as well as massive powerhouse beats.

What does this free drum kit include?

  • Cymbals
  • Rides
  • Toms
  • Open Hi-hats
  • Closed Hi-hats
  • Hi-hat pedal
  • Kicks
  • Snares

Various Microphones to Choose From:

This kit has been recorded in a spacious studio, giving you access to multiple microphones.

  • Balcony 24bit 48k.wav
  • Big 24bit 48k.wav
  • Close Room 24bit 48k.wav
  • Dry 24bit 48k.wav
  • Hat 24bit 48k.wav
  • Kick In 24bit 48k.wav
  • Kick Out 24bit 48k.wav
  • Natural 24bit 48k.wav
  • Overs 24bit 48k.wav
  • Snare Bot 24bit 48k.wav
  • Snare Top 24bit 48k.wav
  • T1 24bit 48k.wav
  • T2 24bit 48k.wav

The provided samples are free of any royalty charges, meaning you can use them in any way without legal obligations or restrictions.

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