Free EDM Vocal Pack – Dianna

It’s proven that by adding vocals to a song your audience remembers the song better and identifies with it way more. That’s because our brains notice the sound of the human voice and pay special attention to it. Luckily, you don’t need to understand all of the science behind this phenomenon to take advantage of it…

All you need to know is that by adding vocals to a song you immediately make it more palatable to your audience! That’s why almost all the top songs in ANY genre have vocals! Unfortunately, getting good vocals is way easier said than done…

Because vocalists are often swamped with requests to collaborate, so unless your production is top-notch, getting original vocals can be almost impossible! So to help you out, we went and found a vocalist for you!

Meet Dianna, a talented female vocalist with 40,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify and over 2 Million streams thanks to huge releases on labels like Chill Trap Records and Frequency Music.

And now, Dianna’s signature airy vocals are now yours to use in your own music! Singer/songwriter Dianna has partnered up with Black Lotus Audio to bring you this free vocal sample pack that’s perfect for EDM.


Inside this free EDM vocal pack, you’ll find 112 dry female vocal samples including sung phrases, spoken phrases, and more.

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