Free SFX By Bluezone Corporation

Discover a professional world and download free sound effects available in high definition. Created by award-winning sound designers at the Bluezone Corporation, these free sample packs deliver high-resolution recordings that are used in the latest blockbusters and most popular video games around the world.

No registration is necessary to download these individual free sound fx sample packs.

From natural ambience to industrial soundscapes, and all the way to science fiction sound effects, such as terrifying roars and futuristic weapon fire, you’ll have access to incredible sound effects that are sure to stimulate your creativity.

These free sound effects can be used in video editing software able to process WAV files : Premiere Pro – Final Cut Pro X – FilmoraPro – After Effects – Media Composer – iMovie – Shotcut – Vegas Pro and more.

• FREE AMBIENT SOUND EFFECTS > An ambient sound pack containing natural soundscapes and designed environments, all beautifully recorded in high definition – The soft sound of lapping water on the edge of a mountain lake, a peaceful stream trickling through the valley, beautiful waves crashing on the beach, and a thin stream of water flowing into an underground cave. You also have access to background sounds of spaceship command centers, space storms and experimental atmospheres that are extremely useful for cinematic productions.

• FREE CINEMATIC IMPACT SOUND EFFECTS > A punchy sample pack that will make your speakers shake. A must-have for action, suspense and thriller movies, this free sample pack contains ready-to-use cinematic impacts. Ranging from the sound of a hammer hitting an anvil, blows on steel vats, huge metal factory doors closing violently, to futuristic impacts, these sound effects will find their place – especially in big budget movie trailers.

• FREE COMMUNICATION SOUND EFFECTS > This pack contains sounds such as speaker hums, interference and frequency modulation, military radio chatter and radio button clicks. This collection also contains science fiction sound effects such as transmissions and signals of extra-terrestrial origin.

• FREE CREATURE SOUND EFFECTS > A selection of creature sound effects, both free and available in high definition. Ranging from mutating organisms to crab movements, all the way to mythical creatures like Orcs and Ents, this collection contains incredible audio clips : Textures of giant, terrifying organisms – shell cracking and crustacean movements – sounds of ferocious monster attacks – growls and grunts – water and mud textures – sounds of cracking and breaking wood – footsteps from imaginary humanoid monsters.

• FREE DEBRIS SOUND EFFECTS > Let the bulldozers through! A very detailed selection for projects requiring spectacular explosions, crumbling buildings and collapsing fractured walls. The following materials can be found here : Wood – metal – stone – glass. This free sound pack will be very useful for natural disasters like earthquakes and ground tremors, but also for construction areas, demolition sites and even war zones. A truly stunning mix!

• FREE EXPLOSION SOUND EFFECTS > A collection of explosions with varying intensity, ranging from grenade launchers to tank fire : Smoke grenades – distant and urban explosions – mortar fire – futuristic explosions for science fiction movies. Essential for strategy and FPS games.

• FREE INDUSTRIAL SOUND EFFECTS > A collection containing machine room ambiences that are extremely useful for factory backgrounds, such as metallurgical plants and foundries, train maintenance workshops and refineries. Sounds of mechanical elements and banging on metal objects have also been added : Fuel tank – industrial container – iron plates.

• FREE MECHANICAL SOUND EFFECTS > A selection of complex starting and stopping mechanisms and metal textures. Each mechanical gear and cog recording has been meticulously edited and can be used in many projects, from industrial assembly lines to mechanical robots.

• FREE METAL SOUND EFFECTS > Versatile and varied sounds of extremely detailed impacts, indispensable for both movies and video games. Incredibly effective for trailers filled with tension, suspense and action!

• FREE NATURE SOUND EFFECTS > A superb collection of ambiences and sound effects in very high resolution : The movement of waves at the edge of a lake – splashing water – a small stream gently flowing – underwater sounds – cracking ice – wind blowing through trees and shaking leaves – cracking and creaking wood.

• FREE ORGANIC SOUND EFFECTS > Straight out of a secret laboratory, this sound effects pack contains everything necessary to create a mutating life form that transforms and expands, twists as it contracts and bends as it grows. With sounds ranging from a giant animal crawling on the ground and the creature tearing at its prey, to the sounds of footsteps in the mud and monsters attacking, each sound has been constructed with careful attention to detail. Ambiences containing slimy and bubbling substances have also been added.

• FREE ROBOT SOUND EFFECTS > From Transformers dedicated to saving humanity to the Terminator ready for the apocalypse, this selection is full of impressive sounds : Heavy robot footsteps – futuristic weapon fire – transformations and movements – mechanical textures. This pack contains audio clips of science fiction robots in very high resolution created by our award-winning sound designers.

• FREE SCARY SOUND EFFECTS > A selection of dark and shadowy ambiences, as well as eerie and terrifying atmospheres ideal for backgrounds of deserted villages, scary forests, abandoned bomb shelters, isolated industrial sites or even underground mines!

• FREE SCIENCE FICTION SOUND EFFECTS > This collection provides a variety of sounds created from advanced technology! A true source of inspiration for science fiction movies and video games : The passing of full-speed spaceships – data processing and user interfaces – activation and deactivation of an energy field – synthetic alien textures – futuristic weapon fire. This free sound pack also contains some very original ambiences for science fiction and cyberpunk scenarios set in futuristic space stations, colonies and cities.

• FREE SNOW SOUND EFFECTS > Put on your trapper boots! This selection has sound effects of footsteps in the snow and cracking ice. Drawn from professional sound banks, each sound has been carefully edited and can be easily synchronized with any video.

• FREE SPACESHIP SOUND EFFECTS > A spectacular sound pack containing futuristic user interface sound effects, speeding interstellar spaceships and cockpit ambiences. This pack is perfect for reactivating your mothership’s command module, get ready to launch your space fighters into hyperspace with their ionic engines and exploding thrusters!

• FREE STEAMPUNK SOUND EFFECTS > This collection will allow you to achieve amazing results in creating all kinds of fantastic objects and retrofuturistic gadgets : Mechanisms that start and stop – metal gears that turn – clicks of snaps and switches – humming of a loudspeaker on an old radio – complex mechanical movements – distant explosion of shells – smoke grenades. An extraordinary mix for films inspired by the Victorian era : where the world runs on steam engines – not electricity.

• FREE TRAILER SOUND EFFECTS > A collection of ready-to-use sound effects that offers atmospheres for suspense and tension, impacts and transitions, and innovative textures created from modern synths for movie trailers, teasers and short films. You can experiment by layering and combining sounds to heighten the mood, support the action and further engage your audience.

• FREE TRANSFORMERS SOUND EFFECTS > A selection of robot sound effects, combining both the organic and the synthetic, culminating in a spectacular result : Mechanical parts in motion – mutations and transformations – giant robot steps – modern weapon fire. The sounds are available in high definition and are extremely useful to create imposing, heavily armed metallic creatures equipped with intelligence.

• FREE USER INTERFACE SOUND EFFECTS > Enhance the interactive user experience of your applications and video games with these modern sound effects. Whether it’s for selecting a menu or an object, or for any other form of action, this free sound pack contains a selection of highly detailed clicks and buttons, as well as high-tech beeps and activation sounds, all ready-to-use.

• FREE VIDEO GAME SOUND EFFECTS > Winner! A large selection of high-quality sounds for strategy, adventure, simulation and FPS games, from our professional sound libraries and used by the biggest video game development studios and many independent creators around the world. The sound effects are available in high resolution and are ready-to-use.

• FREE WATER SOUND EFFECTS > This collection offers immersive sound effects and ambiences for documentaries and any projects containing a natural environment. You will have access to dazzling soundscapes such as small waterfalls and rivers flowing through lush vegetation in the wilderness – wet cave ambiences where water seeps and trickles down the walls – small drops and large splashes – waves lapping at the surface of a mountain lake – unusual underwater sounds – ice cracking on a frozen lake.

• FREE WEAPON SOUND EFFECTS > A real arsenal at your fingertips! This next-generation sound pack gives you access to powerful equipment : Heavy machine gun of mechanical robotic unit – grenade launcher and smoke grenade explosion – cannon fire and artillery barrage – remote explosions – particle cannon – rocket launcher – futuristic weapon fire. Whether your project is an epic war movie or about a science fiction alien invasion, a strategy game or an FPS game, this state-of-the-art collection will provide you with the essentials necessary for any conflict zone. You’ll be able to get many variations by layering and merging the samples together.

• FREE WOOD SOUND EFFECTS > Straight out of an oak forest full of friendly wild boars, this free sound pack offers a wide range of sound effects such as bark cracking and dry wood creaking, in addition to axe strikes, whooshes and of logs falling to the ground. Textures have been added such as wood splintering and the movement of leafy tree branches.

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