Glitchmachines – Teratoma

Teratoma is a FREE pack of 200 dark sci-fi sound effects designed by Ivo Ivanov.

Teratoma features an exclusive collection of composite sound effects with a dark, sinister aesthetic. You will find a unique hybrid of dark sci-fi and psychological horror, featuring technical drones, abstract transitions, otherworldly soundscapes and morphing textures with a foreboding twist.

Our free downloads feature exclusive releases developed with the same uncompromising production values as our paid products.

These critically acclaimed free plugins and packs have been featured on countless ‘best-of’ lists and are favorites among electronic musicians and sound designers.

While our sound effects are carefully designed to work with your favorite samplers and DAWs, they pair up particularly well with our own brand of audio contortion devices.

Our wide selection of packs grant Palindrome, Polygon, Cataract and Tactic users access to thousands of fresh ingredients.

Visit the Glitchmachines website today to download these free sounds.

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