Melody V1 – Massive Presets

Melody V1 is a free download, built for maximum flexibility. Not only do you get the midi files used for each melody loop but also the unique presets. This pack is designed for Trap and Hiphop, but can be used for any genre and is designed in Native Instruments Massive VST synth!

There are 10 loops for instant gratification, ready to throw drums on top of and 10 preset patches. Each preset has macros to tweak the sound along with velocity sensitivity for dynamic performances. While Massive is quite an old vst, it’s aged very well and can still make some surprisingly unique sounds. The ‘Melody’ series will feature presets and loops from one synth per pack, but please let us know which you want us to abuse next.

We’ve also included .fsc files, also known as FL Studio score files. These allow for extra automation and articulations that are lost with normal midi clips, however standard midi works great for most presets.


  • 10x .fsc (FL Studio Score files)
  • 10x .midi (Cross-DAW key data)
  • 10x .nsmv (NI Massive Presets)
  • 10x .wav (24bit, 44100Hz Uncompressed)
  • All loops at 140 Bpm (Mostly in C minor)


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