The Foley Factory

The Foley Factory is a free Lo-Fi sample pack featuring about 200 carefully crafted kicks, snares, random percs, atmos, FX, and rough recordings. It’s 100% royalty-free, and no email sign-up or social media follow is required to access the download. Have fun and enjoy!

The idea for this pack emerged when BVKER was setting up his Germany-based real-world venture, Akustikbild Galerie, specializing in custom-made acoustic absorbers.

Inspired by the tools in his workspace, he embarked on a recording journey, capturing the sounds of different saws used for cutting wood frames, staple guns for mounting acoustic fabric, drills, grinders, and an air compressor that produced organic white noise, ideal for open hats or sweep effects. These recordings found their way into BVKER’s digital audio workstation (DAW), where he manipulated them by adjusting pitches, experimenting with layering techniques, and applying various processes.

The result is a collection of Lo-Fi sound elements, including downlifters, uplifters, atmospheres, enigmatic FX, unconventional percs, and more. Importantly, he also included the raw recordings, providing a foundation for your sound design projects.


  • 79 Foley Recordings
  • 1 Construction Kit
  • 39 Drum Hits
  • 14 FX Sounds
  • 13 Atmos
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