Abandoned Hospital Sounds

Little is known about the abandoned military hospital in Zagreb, but one thing is for sure – I was able to explore it and capture its eerie sounds! After asking the security guard for permission, I was allowed to roam around the building and record as much as I wanted. Adhering to the urban explorer code of taking nothing and leaving nothing behind, I ventured through the endless corridors and creepy rooms with just my microphone.

This abandoned military hospital has been many things – a hospital, a movie location, and even an art gallery – but now it stands completely deserted with no doors or windows. The basement was especially spine-chilling.

As I walked, I captured the sounds of church bells and emergency sirens in the background, as well as a haunting crying child. And as a bonus, I’ve included five redesigned spooky room tones created solely from these recordings and different plugins in Ableton.

  • 20 files
  • 24 bit / 192 kHz
  • 3 MB
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