Empty Church Ambience And Hits

Yes, churches reverberate. The projection of sounds from quiet footsteps to a blaring organ never cease to amaze patrons who cross the threshold into these massive spaces of marble, stone, glass and wood. In your favorite DAW or VST there’s probably some cathedral or church emulation reverb that turns a whisper into a holy wash that dissipates over 7 to 8 seconds that you use….religiously.

While prepping for our Resonance event with Rewire last November, we dug through field recordings held by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and uncovered a collection that blew us away. We don’t know where they’re from but this sample pack features recordings made in an empty church of a person literally “playing the church”. From slamming doors, jingling keys, tepid or confident footsteps, locks locking and unlocking, it’s a great collection of rich one hits that could bump up any production’s character.

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