Soundpharm – Saturated FX

This pack contains FX samples that are complex and mechanical, made from many layers. Everything in this pack started out as a household recording – an air duster, A/C unit, dishwasher, and even an oven proved useful for these sounds. These layers were smashed together and experimented on with different types of distortion to get unique crunchy tones.

It is hard for me to pick a favorite folder from this pack because they are all so useful. So many of these sounds are pneumatic and transforming like the Airlocks, or glitched and distorted like the Glitch Impacts.

If you appreciate my work please consider checking out some of my premium products, and hearing these in your productions is quite the reward too.

Happy creating, and as always, thank you for your support!

Noah – Narkoleptik


This sample pack contains 41 samples.

  • 5 airlocks
  • 14 glitch impacts
  • 8 preshifted impacts
  • 11 stomps
  • 3 sub impacts


All samples are 48kHz, 32-bit WAV format.

This pack will take up 57mb on your computer.

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